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NW Salmon Lox and Bagel

Originally posted on the Seattle Cook:
Here is where to find all the best ingredients for your ultimate NW Salmon Lox and Bagel. Best Bagel: Seattle Bagel Bakery Best Lox: Pike Place Fish  Best eggs and bacon: BB Ranch Best Cream Cheese: DeLaurenti Boar’s Head Best Capers: DeLaurenti *What is Salmon Lox? Fatty/ belly of…

Observations of Newlyweds Under 2 years

Gets dog/ cat if not having babies right away.

Good Cat Names

Ben Frank Hank Gary Walter Harry Fredo Oliver George Marco Sebastian Murf Rudy Ben Larry Henry Lenny Louis Charlie Peter Felix Adam

Rules of Marriage v1

Sex Fix the bed Get up early with each other Rules as of 10/25/2013 1:00pm, 31 shes 30, both work, 1 cat, no kids, active social life and several hobbies together…oh and married for 784 days 😉

Dollar Shave Club review

Life at 31, married, no kids, urbanite, co-founder of a profitable start-up is going fucking swell. If you use the latest shaving blades its easy to make the cartridge last for weeks even a month or so. But in the end having the same blade for so long when you know you need to spring […]

What day to dress up for Halloween 2013

This subject has been a late night topic over several drinks and our group of friends. When should we dress up and hit the bars for Halloween? Halloween falls on a Thursday this year…and since most of our group doesn’t go out on week nights the debate turns into going out October 26th Saturday or […]

Center for Wooden Boats

Stating the obvious…the weather since May 2013 in Seattle has been phenomenal! Today its 73 degrees! Working out for me sucks! So this summer I took long leisurely walks from our midtown condo to South Lake Union. There is MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry), countless restaurants along Westlake Ave & Terry Ave and my […]

Whiskey Decanter

I am convinced that everyone’s family has even owned a crystal whiskey decanter. Why now as a 31 year old are they so hard to find? One rainy Seattle Sunday I headed over to the the Ballard Market and just started popping into the shops along the ave. There among a display of high ball […]


It is a no-brainer that the rise of smart phones and the apps that followed have taken over every happy hour, dinner, bathroom break…etc. While vacationing on the east coast we happened to catch a buzz with another couple and surprisingly I asked, “why don’t you have your phone?” they explained the concept…no phone Friday! […]


I wear glasses. Since freshman year of college I sported rimless frames but it was not until I moved to Seattle where I learned what glasses were all about. One day while walking through Pike Place Market I stopped into Market Optical. Turned out there was a trunk show for Robert Marc. I never heard […]