Category Ideas with Friends

Sonoma Weekend Getaway

We went for a wedding…we made our trip… Stay: Ledson Hotel in Downtown Sonoma (only 6 rooms…legit fun) In Sonoma square (you are staying in the square by lodging at the Ledson) we bought wines from Pangloss Cellars (4 doors down). The real Winery checklist… I’d say that there are 3 or 4 clusters of 3-4 […]

80s/ 90s Nostalgia

Found! A simple game with the right amount of ease and nostalgia baked in. Whether you are hosting a game night or heading to your local bar trivia night – Movie Quotes Drinking Game a shot 😉

What day to dress up for Halloween 2013

This subject has been a late night topic over several drinks and our group of friends. When should we dress up and hit the bars for Halloween? Halloween falls on a Thursday this year…and since most of our group doesn’t go out on week nights the debate turns into going out October 26th Saturday or […]


It is a no-brainer that the rise of smart phones and the apps that followed have taken over every happy hour, dinner, bathroom break…etc. While vacationing on the east coast we happened to catch a buzz with another couple and surprisingly I asked, “why don’t you have your phone?” they explained the concept…no phone Friday! […]

How to Start the Holiday Season

Yes, that’s 4 cases of Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead. Starting a new tradition this year…Ash and I decided to buy 96 bottles of beer to share with friends and family before Halloween. Basically once the Pumpkinhead has been consumed the holidays begin. From Maine to New York most bars have Pumpkinhead on tap. With sugar-cinnamon rimmed glasses […]