iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

It is a no-brainer that the rise of smart phones and the apps that followed have taken over every happy hour, dinner, bathroom break…etc.

While vacationing on the east coast we happened to catch a buzz with another couple and surprisingly I asked, “why don’t you have your phone?” they explained the concept…no phone Friday! Makes sense doesn’t it? How many times are we/ you out with friends and the inevitable happens…”Take a picture for Instagram” or “Oh my god look at what (fill in the blank) is doing,” among other repeatable moments.

Most likely we/ you are out with your wife, husband, girlfriend, date, friends spending probably a minimum of $100+ hard earned dollars doesn’t it make sense to enjoy their company period?

Obviously the default is to turn off the phone (cause emergencies can happen).

Here is a #nophonefriday scenario…

You all (friends/ wife/ husband/ others) meet at the regular happy hour spot by 6pm…regardless of who is there and not…the phones get shut off and put away.

Yeah, that simple.

Enjoy the time as a couple at least 1 day without the ever present phone; you will have a great night without your 5s.


A good follow up article written earlier this year by Francisco Dao of PandoDaily “How Successful People Talk,” outlines the basic observations of ‘regular people’ v. ‘successful.’ Quick excerpts from the article: Regular people will stop a conversation to pose for pictures, Regular people seem to have much more difficulty ignoring their cell phone.

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