Whiskey Decanter

Two takes on a decanter

Two takes on a decanter

I am convinced that everyone’s family has even owned a crystal whiskey decanter. Why now as a 31 year old are they so hard to find?

One rainy Seattle Sunday I headed over to the the Ballard Market and just started popping into the shops along the ave. There among a display of high ball glasses was a crystal decanter priced at $140. For some reason the crystal look was not appealing to me anymore, so I headed to a couple more shops.

The reason the whiskey decanter works is because after so many gatherings at our house where all the good stuff Pendleton, Crown Royal (yeah we like Canadian Whiskeys) and Woodinville Whiskey are gone we are always left with Seagrams 7 (admittingly we like this Canadian Whiskey too). But when people see the cheap plastic bottle among the other choices of vodkas, rums, scotch…etc no one wants to drink the Seagrams 7.

Back to my hunt in Ballard. I finally found two rounded style decanters and headed home. I filled one with Jack Daniels and the other with Seagrams. I do not know if my friends can tell the difference between the two whiskeys honestly but one of them gets drunk a lot more and I forgot which is which.

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