Dollar Shave Club review

Dollar Shave Club $9 a month kit

Dollar Shave Club $9 a month kit

Life at 31, married, no kids, urbanite, co-founder of a profitable start-up is going fucking swell.

If you use the latest shaving blades its easy to make the cartridge last for weeks even a month or so. But in the end having the same blade for so long when you know you need to spring another $17 for 4 new blades or $53 for a Costco pack, just sucks.

Most likely you’ve seen the commercial for Dollar Shave Club, I did a couple months back and thought…eh. Last week I signed up for the $9 a month subscription. I got the blades by Friday and shaved everyday since. The first shave I nicked myself (which hardly ever happens and I blame on the newness of the blade/ handle). But now 3 days in and 3 fresh shaves later…there is a confidence knowing that I do not have to worry about buying new blades and I can shave everyday (if I want).

Verdict: worrying about shaving sucks…Dollar Shave Club might just work. And for the cost of a $9 martini why not*

Subscriptions start at $1, $6 and $9 a month.

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